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Frontier Secure®
Digital Security Suite
Add security for
your digital world
Experience the security that comes from identity protection, malware monitoring, and family rules with Frontier Secure. (Additional charges apply.)

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Secure cloud storage and software to help protect your devices

Personal Security Bundle

Multi-Device Security
Make sure all your devices are under the protection of a Frontier Personal Security Bundle with multi-device coverage. Frontier Secure helps protects up to ten devices at a time including PCs, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Security features include virus protection, location finders, and online banking protection.

Secure PWD Password Manager
It seems like everywhere you go online requires a login and password. With so many to remember, it can be tough to keep them all straight or avoid reusing familiar ones. Frontier Secure provides a way to help bypass the risk of repeated or easily-guessed passwords with the Secure PWD Password Manager. This password management app stores all your login information with one master password to give you a valuable security resource.

Content Anywhere
Tighten the security of your personal files while experiencing the convenience of the Content Anywhere app. Your files including pictures, videos, music, and documents are kept in a secure Cloud account. Help keep your data safe with secure data transfer, real-time backups, and permission-only access.

Identity protection services and online security software

Identity Security Bundle

Multi-Device Security
Frontier Secure helps protect up to ten devices at a time with security features including malware protection, location finders, and online banking protection.

Identity Protection
You can never be too careful with your personal information, and with technology only becoming more prevalent, it's important to keep your online transactions secure. Identity protection from Frontier helps to provide the tools you need to keep personal information, addresses, SSN numbers, credit cards, and bank information from falling into the wrong hands. Lost wallet services give you the help to cancel and reissue lost or stolen information. Frontier also provides Triple-Bureau credit monitoring so you'll get alerts when there's fraudulent activity on your credit report.

Secure PWD Password Manager
Secure PWD Password Management app stores all your login information with one master password to give you a valuable security resource.

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